125 cc

The Zbroh Strada 125 is a sports scooter that adds to your daily movements the touch of design and sportsmanship that goes with you. Move around the city with freedom, and with the sensations of a sports motorcycle.

The braking has been entrusted to a system of hydraulic disc brakes on each axle, equipped with a Combined Braking System brake distribution system. The information in the instrument cluster provides complete control of the main functions of the Strada 125.

The lighting incorporates numerous elements composed of LED diodes, which extend their useful life for many kilometers reducing their maintenance.

The engine of the Strada 125 is a simple and reliable single cylinder of 125, compatible with the car license. Due to their practical self-ventilated cooling system and automatic transmission, they will make maintenance operations every few kilometers and be carried out without requiring a large financial outlay.

This scooter 125 has a recommended price of 2,090 euros VAT included.